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Creating a User Login on CE Marketplace


  • Visit www.cemarketplace.net and click on the Register link in the upper right corner.
  • Use your license number to search for your record.
  • Once you’ve found your name, click on Select. This will generate a “token” email to be sent to the email address we have on file for you to finish the registration process.
    • If the email address listed is no longer active, or you have a different email address, please contact us at tracking@cemarketplace.net to have your email address changed before clicking select so you can access your registration token.
  • After you have created your login, click on Licensee which will show you a breakdown of your credits earned for this licensing cycle:
    • A total of hours from 11/1/2012-12/31/14 as reported by LARA will be listed first, with the ability for you to access LARA’s site to review the detail of those hours.
    • Next you will see any classes taken and hours earned through CE Marketplace certified courses.
    • Below that you have the ability to track any third party credit hours for 2015 not taken through CE Marketplace.
    • Finally you will see a total of legal and elective hours earned in 2015 (this will be a total of CE Marketplace courses and any Third Party hours you have uploaded)
  • For any CE Marketplace certified courses, you have the ability to resend yourself a certificate of completion by clicking the icon next to the class information.
  • Still need classes to fulfill your hours by October 31, 2015? Check out the CE Marketplace calendar, or search for classes to meet your specific criteria.

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